In the Executive Board Room of the hotel Crowne Plaza, Deloitte Serbia tax team, led by Dejan Mraković, Director of tax and legal department, Filip Kovačević, Head of the tax department and Ljubica Jovićević, Client Relations of the Tax & Legal department, held an interactive workshop on the topic “Taxes, Tax Changes and Tax Discussions”, with particular reference to Article 12 of the Law on VAT.

During the interactive discussion members are, among others, had the opportunity to be reminded what are currently valid rules for determining the place of services supply, which will be applied until the end of March 2017, and what are the exceptions to the general rule that the services are taxable according to the place of service provider. The members also had the opportunity to hear about new regulations in the field of VAT.

Colleagues from Delloite complemented interpretation of Law with practical examples for the purpose of simplification, more precise interpretation of particular provisions, and their proper application.

We would like to thank Dejan, Filip and Ljubica on professional cooperation.

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