Successful Projects, Education, CSR – There are the results of the work of the CFOAS


On 11 October, at the Falkenstainer Hotel, CFOAS has organized a working breakfast for the media and indicated that the key activities of the CFOAS are focused on the education of financial directors, exchange of practical experience and networking of all relevant players in the field of finance in Serbia, but also in the entire region.

The representatives of the Association informed the journalists about the activities that association successfully implemented in 2018. Some of them are: 7th CFO conferences, mentoring program, initiatives of the working group for corporate and regulatory affairs, the establishment of a working group for financial directors of banks. The most important topics that Association elaboreted during 2018 are: macroeconomic prospects – tendencies and forecasts, digital transformation and the role of CFO in this process, acquisitions, alternative sources of financing, taxes, controlling, real estate management, as well as international financial reporting standards. 

“The CFOAS is the only professional Association that brings together financial directors at the Republic of Serbia. The Association was founded in 2014 in Belgrade with the aim of connecting financial directors and encouraging their professional development. CFOAS members manages finances in companies that generate 5 billion euros of revenue and employ 46,000 people”, said CFOAS Manager Aleksandar Plavsin.

“As a result of the CFOAS initiative, the working version of the Law on tax on citizens’ income included a proposal for tax liberation for bonus (as solidarity support) for employees who get a child up to the amount of average salary in the Republic of Serbia”, said Sonja Mijovic, CFOAS member and Head of marketing section, Finance and Administration Manager, Richter Gedeon.

“The goal of choosing the CFO of the year is to raise the awareness of the domestic public about the  importance of the financial profession and the strengthening of the role of financial directors in the economy and institutions of importance”, said Srđan Ćirović, CFOAS member and head of PR section, CFO, United Media Group. Sđjan added that “the CFOAS mentorship program was created with the goal of intensifying the exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions of the members of our Association and the most successful students of the final years of the Faculty of Economics.”

Due to numerous challenges in the domestic economy, the next activities of the Association will be focused on the exchange of practical experience, regional cooperation, tax policy and business environment improvement, as well as to strengthen the awareness of the local public about the importance of the financial profession.

We would like to thank to the media for a great interest, as well as Srđan Ćirović and Sonja Mijović for the successful coordination of CFOAS PR and marketing activities.

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