On Wednesday, 17th May, Singidunum University organized, in partnership with CFOAS, Round table on the topic „The quality of financial reporting in the Republic of Serbia in the light of the global situation in the accounting and the local environment“.

Roundtable participants were: Aleksandar Janjušević, coordinator of the sector for financial system, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Biljana Bogovac, Partner, PwC, Danijela Mirković, Executive Director, EY, Milos Đjukanovic, CFOAS member, financial director, Henkel Serbia, dr. Milan Negovanović, Economic Advisor, dr. Zoran Škobić, Association of accountants and auditors and prof. dr Nemanja Stanišić, University Singidunum.

Topics that were discussed:

  • Change of accounting regulations in the world – a new global financial reporting standards (IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16) which will be effective from 2018;
  • Outsourcing (shared service center) – Example of Henkel, and all administrative as well as joint sales functions
  • The problems of financial reporting in Serbia – in terms of the content, quality, form and cooperation between relevant institutions in the country.

Constructive discussions contributed to the quality of round table and encourage the creation of new topics for the next roundtable.

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