Regular march meeting


In hotel Crowne Plaza, on 15 March, CFOAS meeting on “Unannounced inspection by the Commission for Protection of Competition” was held. Guest speaker was Milica Subotić, a lawyer from Law Office “Subotić & Jevtic”.

Some of the issues that are openly discussed were: What is the violation of competition and what are the risks for companies and employees in this case? How does Commission reveals a violation of competition? How to be prepared for unannounced inspection of the Commission? What power does the Commission have? What are the rights of the legal entity the is inspected? What is the role of the financial sector? What after the investigation?

Milica has indicated that the Commission has significant powers during unannounced inspection as well as that the process is not uniformed and depends on many circumstances. Therefore, it is essential that every company has clear procedures in this case and to define know should management and employees behave. In this way company reduces the risk of possible failure, which might produce huge costs.

Law office Subotić & Jevtić is a modern law office in Belgrade dealing with commercial law and is dedicated to providing clients with top quality legal services with a detailed knowledge of the market.

We would like to thank lawyers Milica Subotić and Julijana Jevtić for very useful presentation and openness for all questions.

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