At the premises of Publicis One, the hosts of the 4th CFOAS regular meeting were Branislav Lončar, CFO Publicis One Serbia, CFOAS member and Marko Šobota, Media Director Publicis One-a Serbia. Marko presented models of evaluation of marketing costs, explained the ways to carry out the measurement of the investments in marketing activities, but also pointed out the deviations which can be reached in relation to the expected result of the investment in marketing.

Among other things, some of the conclusions were that the marketing campaign should be created based on the existing company “brand awareness”, target groups and expectations of the campaign, and that clients do not expect from a marketing campaign just to raise “Brand awareness”, but to motivate consumers to purchase products or services. In this regard ROI model was developed with the aim to help companies to optimize their investment in marketing and increase profitability. The quality of data on sales and sales activities that companies provide to marketing agencies to create campaigns are an essential input for the assessment of measurable return on investment in marketing. Marketing is increasingly based on the Programmatic marketing that includes tracking consumer behavior on the Internet and based on the profile and interests of consumers suggests customized ads to the consumer.

We would like to thank Marko for practical lectures, as well as our member Branislav Lončar for their support in the implementation of the CFOAS May meeting.

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