Lecture on “Build, Borrow or Buy”


On Tuesday, 24 October, at the Crowne Plaza, in partnership with Mainstream, leader in providing advanced IT services, CFOAS hold a meeting on the topic “Build, Borrow or Buy”.

The moderator was Aleksandar Nedeljković, Chief Financial Officer, Mainstream Managed Services Group, and panelists were: Ivana Višnjić, Chief Financial Officer, Bel Medic, Nikola Ćorsović, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Nelt Group, Goran Popović, Brewery manager, Heineken and President Serbian association of professionals in the supply chain and Vladimir Ilić, Executive director, Europcar.

Panelists shared their experiences and answered to questions on how to provide necessary resources to enable the company’s growth.

For managers who want to achieve growth, there are plenty of strategic solutions. They should make maximum use of their existing internal resources, and then to determine which resources may borrow externally, through outsourcing, partnership or alliance. Alternatively, they can simply buy companies that provide expertise that they currently need. The biggest challenge is to make an accurate assessment of the differences between the existing company resources and targeted resources that are necessary for the growth of the company. On the other hand, majority of companies identify which resources (knowledge, technology, fixed assets) are necessary for their growth, but do not pay enough attention to the decision on how to reach these resources.

With numerous examples from practice, we had the opportunity to hear how to choose the right partner, how important is to assess the risks properly as well se what is the role of the CFO in this process.

Thanks to guests and company Mainstream on this interesting topic and participants for openness to share their experience.

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