The Association of Financial Directors of Serbia held the first independent CFO conference “Get ready For Future Finance Challenges” at the Hyatt Hotel on November 14th.

This exclusive event brought together more than 100 delegates, including CFOs and numerous business professionals in Serbia.

During the conference, it was concluded that the CFO of a company must be an expert in the business of all sectors within its organization in order to be able to respond to the demands of its CEO as a business partner.

The role of Chief Financial Officer can increasingly be re-formulated as Chief Future Officer as their function within companies is transformed day by day so that they can respond to current and upcoming trends in the business world.

It was also pointed out that cooperation between the tax administration and the real sector is necessary for business to improve in the future. Delegates were able to learn about the importance of tax planning, as well as get a closer look at the concept of blockchain and its use in business.

The following topics were discussed during the conference:

  • How important leadership is in finance and how the function of finance has evolved over the last 10 years
  • Is blockchain a reality of today or a dream of the future?
  • How CFOs handle the role of value saver when it comes to IT operations.
  • Comparative analysis of tax relief strategies in Serbia today and those expected in the future
  • Independence test

We thank our partners for their assistance during the conference, lecturers and panelists for productive discussions and exchange of experience, as well as all delegates for their participation.

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