Digital Banking – Telenor Bank


On Thursday, 23 November, at the Hotel Crowne Plaza, CFOAS meeting was held on the topic “Digital Banking and Business Optimization Through the Implementation of Innovation”.

CFOAS guests Miloš Polovina, Executive Board Member and Marketing Director of Telenor Bank, Mirko Golijanin, Sales Manager of Telenor Bank and Milka Todorović, Financial Director of Telenor Banks presented to CFOAS members innovations which come from Telenor bank, but also explained a new mobile payment service which is designed to contribute to the optimization of the cost of sales of goods and services to potential partners (legal entities) and completely replace the wallet for individuals.

One of the features in Telenor Bank is mCash or „wallet“ in mobile phone, innovation that saves time. Although the business of Telenor Bank is primarily oriented and dedicated to individuals, innovation in Telenor Bank are competitive corporate deposits with favorable conditions.

We would like to thank our colleagues from Telenor Bank on interesting presentation, as well as our colleague Milos Djukanovic, CFOAS member and CFO Henkel Serbia, who shared with us his experience as a customer of Telenor Bank.

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