CFOAS september meeting with CBS International (Part of the Cushman & Wakefield Association)


On Wednesday, 19 September, a regular monthly CFOAS meeting was held on the topic of “Assessment of Real Estate Values, IFRS 16 and Optimization of Real Estate Lease Costs”. Moderator of the discussion was Lidija Barjaktarović, Associate Professor, Singidunum University, and the panelists were: Srđan Teofilovic, Head of Investments and Capital Markets, CBS International, Vera Lukic, Project Manager, CBS International, Bojan Jevtic, Regional Manager for renting and selling of office space, CBS International, Aleksandar Djurdjevic, Audit Director, Deloitte. In partnership with the leading real estate consultancy company in Serbia, CBS International (part of the Cushman & Wakefield Association), CFOAS members had the opportunity to find out what are the potential risks of value assessment of real estate, and how in this process they can protect the interests of companies in which they work. During the discussion it is presented under which circumstances there is a difference between fair and market value. As IFRS 16 comes into force in 2019, Aleksandar explained how this standard will affect balance sheet positions. The topics of the meeting were also the flexibility of the workplaces, new trends in the design of the workspace, as well as tendencies regarding the availability of business premises in Belgrade. Apart from that, members were informed about the models of business space optimization in order to increase the productivity of employees and to improve results of the company.

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