Fruška gora has rises and falls more challenging than the average chart

Where would a financial director in Serbia spend a day rather than in a comfortable chair at his workplace? We decided to resist a little bit of this opinion. However, we did not do it during the working week. It was Saturday, 21 of April, and it seemed like we were making a small step for us, but great for our Association. Not in a transmitted sense, but really.

We headed towards Fruška Gora. We passed a 20-kilometer track and enjoyed socializing and talking. Formal figures, statistics and charts briefly were replaced by informal stories, and we realized that the air on that mountain, with respect to the office that has been putting up with us for more than 20 days a month, is more attractive.

Fruška gora showed us why it first got the mark of the national park in Serbia. We met with the flora and fauna of this mountain, the cultural and historical wealth of Vojvodina, and there was also a time for visiting the monasteries Grgeteg and Velika Remeta. Even though our life is covered by mathematics, statistics and economics, there is no one who did not become thrilled by Stražilovo and the man who dedicated himself to Serbian language and writing – Branko Radicevic.

We are the CFO Association of Serbia, but not to be confused, we can not do it all by ourselves (although it seems to many that we must and can). Mountain-sports club “Balkan” helped us and professionally organized mountaineering.

CFOAS Members, congratulations to a successful sport activity! See you at one of the forthcoming tournaments.

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