CFOAS monthly meeting on acquisitions

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In Crowne Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, 11 April, CFOAS organized regular monthly meeting on “Acquisitions”.

Panel moderator was Lana Vuković, CFO for Serbia and Croatia, DXC Technology, and the panelists were Dejan Backović, CFO, Kappa Star Group, Ivan Kostadinović, CFO, Bambi Banat, Milan Miscevic, CFO, Metalopromet and Milica Subotic, Lawyer, Commercial Law Firm Subotić & Jevtić.

Some of the issues that panelists discussed were: How does decision-making process look like during the acquisition? What is the role of CFO in this process? What are the challenges in the implementing acquisition phase? How important is the role of external consultants in relevant areas, notably financial and legal advisors?

Panelists shared with members concrete experiences and pointed out the most important challenges in acquisition process. It is concluded that prior to the beginning of the acquisition process it is necessary to define potential regulatory challenges, and the most important is to have synergy between company top management, consultants and legal advisors. Panelists agreed that, despite the fact that it is possible to clearly define all phases of the acquisition, it should be noted that each acquisition brings unexpected specifics.

We would like to thank panelists on presentation. Many thanks to Lana on professional panel moderation

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