On Wednesday, the 6th June, CFOAS members visited IKEA company, where they had an exclusive opportunity to learn more about IKEA business concept. Host of the meeting was Bojan Kostandinović, CFOAS member and IKEA Property Business Manager for South East Europe.

Bojan presented to members how IKEA adapts its operations in line with global trends, what are innovations in purchasing, finance and procurement, how IKEA is dedicated to the concept of sustainability. He also presented IKEA corporate culture, values as well as IKEA Store application that helps in the process of purchasing.

IKEA stores annually, on a global level, visit around 783 million visitors and IKEA in its standard assortment has about 9,500 items. During the lecture it is presented that IKEA wants to show to other companies, by its example, that sustainability is an important growth factor. Additionally, IKEA group has a goal to be completely independent in energy source by 2020 and to generate energy from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels. In Serbia, even 50% of the energy for the entire operations is generated by solar panels and geothermal wells.

We would like to thank Bojan for hospitality and great presentation.

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