CFO discussion with Aserta


The CFOAS held a discussion in cooperation with Aserta on the topic: “Practical application of electronic document and electronic signature” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the 7th March.
The Panel was moderated by Jasna Milenković, Director of the Legal and General Affairs Department of MTS Bank, while the participants were: Srđan Rasulić, Aserta, Director, Nenad Soskić, Pharmas, Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager and Predrag Groza,,Lawyer at the Law Office Tomić, Sinđelić & Groza.

At the very beginning, panelist had introduced members with a legal framework that regulates the use of electronic signatures, electronic documents and electronic archiving of documents. They also explained the difference between copy and the original electronic document. The achievements of using the eDokument of PoliSign system,are, highlighted and some of ones that were mentioned during the meeting are:
• Full control and monitoring of document status: issued, waiting for download, received, returned and mutually signed.
• Fast implementation, integration without changing the existing IT system.
• Automatic document addressing.
• Multiple signing supported.
• Postal services are completely changed by eDokument PoliSign service

It is underlined that the system may be simply implemented and the only challenge aspect is necessary time for existing business partners to get acquainted with the new way of work of the company using an electronic document and familiarizing the employees with the new procedure in the business.

We would like to thank panelists for useful and productive advices, as well as all members for the participation.

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