During CFO discussion, a format designed for exchange of practical experience, as well as for discussion of financial dilemmas, CFOAS members have come up with a number of conclusions useful for their business decisions.
Some of the topics that were discussed:
• Amendments to the Property Tax Law
• Recognition of marketing costs in the tax balance sheet
• Financial restructuring of business
• Compactness of teams in finance and financial functions in the case of a matrix management
• Digitization of finance in modern business
• Experience in the implementation of the Law on Electronic Commerce
During the discussion, the members agreed that there are still challenges in the process of implementation of digitization in the financial sector, but also that the digitization of business is inevitable in the near future.
It was concluded that companies actively look for CFOs who will take the lead role in setting up a data and tech strategy that needs to be aligned with the needs of the financial function.
We would like to thank the members for productive discussion, specially to members who suggested topics for discussion: Saša Stanojević, Radmila Miletić, Ivana Drmanac, Saša Mlađenović, Milan Miščević, Lana Vuković, Jovana Nikolić, Jasminka Stojačić and Nebojša Ratković.

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