CFO Challenges in the process of digital transformation


CFOAS, in cooperation with Mainstream, has organized a panel on the topic “Challenges That CFOs Meet in the Process of Digital Transformation”.

The moderator of the discussion was Aleksandar Nedeljković, Chief Financial Officer, Mainstream Group, and panelists were: Sanja Kekić – Director IT Consulting and Risk Service at Crowe RS and President of ISACA Belgrade, Branko Greganović – CEO, NLB Bank, Dušan Radičević – CFO, MK Group and Milan Bukorovic – CTO, Nelt.

Panelists shared their experiences and gave practical advice which are useful for process of digital transformation. They agreed that it have never been more interesting to be a Financial director and pointed out that it is important to understand that this is the era of technological innovation and that digitization is happening now.

The digital transformation tackles all business segments and companies are actively looking for CFOs who will take the leading role in setting up a data and tech strategy that needs to be aligned with the needs of a financial function. The need for synergy between CFO and CTO was emphasized and it was pointed out that the IT strategy must follow the business strategy by offering solutions to existing business models and improving them.

During the discussion, it was concluded that the CFO is an essential element of the company information system and it must acquire the competencies for managing and understanding the digital system. Bearing in mind the security risk that finance function meets, the panelists emphasized that risk reduction is another reason why Financial directors should keep pace with the development of IT in the future.

We thank the panelists and CFOAS members for an interesting and useful discussion. At the same time, we are grateful to Mainstream company that supported the organization of the panel.

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